Buchanan Westerners Riding Club, Inc.

2020 Show Dates:
Show Dates                Day                Event Description
April 26, 2020          Sunday              Fuzzy Warm Up Show
May 9, 2020          Saturday              Fuzzy Warm Up Show

May 10, 2020           Sunday             Fuzzy Warm Up Show
May 30, 2020        Saturday                    Open Horse Show
May 31, 2020           Sunday                    Open Horse Show
June 13, 2020        Saturday                    Open Horse Show

June 14, 2020          Sunday                         Feedback Show
July 11, 2020         Saturday                    Open Horse Show
July 12, 2020            Sunday                    Open Horse Show
August 1, 2020     Saturday              Fair Prep Horse Show
August 2, 2020        Sunday              Fair Prep Horse Show

2019 Showbill
Feedback Showbill - Sun 6/23
Come Show With Us!​

We take pride in providing a fun, competitive and family friendly horse showing experience. A place where competitors of all ages and abilities can begin and expand their showing careers; by promoting good sportsmanship and conducting local equine events.

Mission Statement: The Buchanan Westerner’s Riding Club, Inc. is a nonprofit organization run solely by its membership. Our nonprofit organization is dedicated to the American Family through their love of horses. Our goal is to be able to continue providing an outstanding outdoor equine facility, to support horseback riding activities thru open horse shows, high school equestrian teams, 4-H youth activities and handicap horseback riding thru We Can Ride 4-H Club.          

Located at 14665 Mead Road, Buchanan, MI 49107

We are just 18 miles north of South Bend, Indiana, 
22 miles south of St. Joseph, Michigan and 8 miles west of Niles, Michigan. 
Easy access from the US-31 bypass. Take the Walton Road exit #7, go west on Walton Road about 2 miles. 
Mead Road is just before the bridge. Turn right onto Mead Road, go one mile, the riding club will be on your right hand side.

APHA and PtHA Show Program

Through the Paint Alternative Competition Program, you can get recognition for accomplishments in the competitive events you enjoy.

The select opportunities and rewards program will award PtHA® Members for their time spent with their Pinto in ALL activities. You may earn credits by showing at local non-PtHA® Shows such as Open, Schooling, and Fun shows, trail riding, lessons, driving, parades, and much more.


    Sponsorship Form

    For over 70 years our non-non profit organization has been providing our community with an outdoor equine show facility to youth, families, 4-H members, high school equestrian teams and disabled individuals, through We Can Ride 4-H Club. 
    Your generous donations enable practical skills of teamwork, competition, discipline and leadership to be learned and gained for a lifetime. Your support provides show opportunities for riders, allowing them to have an opportunity to display their hard work and to be rewarded through wholesome competition.
    It also ensures equestrians in our community have superior judges and well maintained grounds. It also allows a volunteer board and committee members to supply the manpower needed to maintain the property and execute each of the twelve shows, each month from April to September
    Would you please consider a donation to Buchanan Westerners to help ensure we continue to be able to provide these outstanding opportunities?

    CVI requirements (Health Certificate): Must be within 30 days. 
    EIA requirements (Negative Coggins): CVI must contain testing lab, testing date, lab accession number, results. EIA exempt: Nursing foals with EIA negative dam. 
    Vesicular Stomatitis requirements: Equine from states with diagnosed Vesicular Stomatitis within 12 mo. Prior, must contain the statement, "I have examined the animal/s listed on this certificate and have found no clinical signs of Vesicular Stomatitis. To the best of my knowledge, these animals have not been exposed to Vesicular Stomatitis within the previous 30 days, nor have they been vaccinated with a Vesicular Stomatitis Vaccine." on the CVI.

    James Averill, DVM, State Veterinarian
    Michigan Department of Agriculture - Animal Industry Division
    P.O. Box 30017, Lansing, MI 48909 | 1-800-292-3939 
    Website: www.michigan.gov/mdard